Anxiety & Depression

The Facts:

More than 40 million Americans experience some form of anxiety, making it the most common mental illness in the country.  Depression and Anxiety usually go hand in hand an many people experience symptom of both.

How we feel emotionally is really a reflection of how well our brain is responding to our environment.  When we are depressed or anxious our brain is not making  us happy in response to things that ordinarily give us pleasure like good food, a funny joke,  a sunny  day,  and good news.

What WE DO:

Auriculotherapy  combined with TRT Chiropractic has been very successful for the  restoration of normal  moods and emotions to  people who may have had a trauma or long term moderate stress or a loss, and have not been able to “bounce back” by themselves or with time.

This combined therapeutic approach  jump starts  the “happy factory “ in the brain  leaving our patients calm, content, and at a level of peace not often felt in a very long time.  How many treatments a person may need depends  on the individual: their history, experience, genetic factors, current environment, and support.


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