Relapse Prevention

Getting your life and relationships in order as part of your recovery from addiction can be challenging.  It’s the most empowering thing you can do, and it’s also the scariest.  You are leaving behind the days of instant gratification for responsibility and commitment.  This process generates a lot of anxiety and stress for most recovering addicts and if that’s not managed appropriately, that stress, anxiety and even depression can lead to a relapse.
We would love the opportunity to assist you in your recovery by delivering a powerful natural treatment called Auriculotherapy that will help re-balance your brain chemistry and reduce your anxiety and stress levels.  This produces a sense of relaxation that allows you to continue making better choices.
The Way of Wellness offers the recovering addict: a lifetime of health, a new approach to self management, ongoing support, and relapse prevention. We respect the challenges and struggles of an addict committed to reclaiming their health, life, and future.
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Dear Dr. Paz/Fl. Partners in Recovery:
I just want to Thank You for your dedication and support during my treatment for alcohol, substance abuse and smoking.  I never thought I could do it until I met you.  You definetely changed if not saved my life.
I now live a happy, healthy and honest life.  I enjoy getting up every day and spending time with my family and friends.
Thanks to auriculotherapy, the supplements and your adjustments, I truly feel GREAT.
I can’t thank you and your staff enough.
Plantation, Fl