Pregnancy & Infants

Pregnancy and Childbirth can be stressful to both mommy and baby.  This can lead to problems such as back pain during pregnancy and difficulty with breast feeding.

We use a combined approach of Chiropractic Care along with Cranio-Sacral therapy that helps release that stress on the nervous system and restore balance.


***You should know that Chiropractic for infants and adults is dramatically different.  In both cases, a very gentle approach is used but with infants there is no “cracking” or sudden movements.


When Emma had major nursing issues in the beginning Pam referred me to see Dr. Paz (who is also a family friend coincidentally). Within 4 treatments Emma was nursing perfectly. She was recently diagnosed with a mild ptosis and Dr. Paz has also been working with Emma to help alleviate that. She is so gentle with her, kind, caring, and very good at what she does.

-Angela C., Weston, Fl