Below are some commonly asked questions and answers.  If you want more information, feel free to CONTACT US


Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance so we keep our fees affordable and straightforward.   If you have insurance coverage and would like to submit your receipts for re-imbursement, we are happy to furnish you with a cover letter that you can attach to your receipts for that purpose.

How much do you charge?

In many cases our fees are less than a specialist co-payment on your insurance.  Contact us and we will be happy to give you our most up to date information regarding costs.

What are your office hours?

We work by appointment only.  This makes us more flexible and available when you need us most.  Please try to schedule your appointments at least 24 hours in advance.This is a courtesy to us.  Of course we do accept same day appointment requests.

What is your cancellation policy?

A $20 fee will be charged to your credit card on file for NO SHOWS on a scheduled appointment.  You can cancel or reschedule your appointment any time up to 2 hours prior to your scheduled time at no charge.

Will you use x-ray?

At The Way of Wellness, we value accurate diagnosis. We no longer use x-rays to diagnose vertebral subluxation (misalignments that cause stress in the body).  Instead, we use state of the art Thermography and Electromyography scans that are totally SAFE to use on anyone.  Because they are so safe and accurate, we repeat these tests on all patients every 12 visits in order to follow our progress.

What Chiropractic Technique will you use?

After 20+ years in practice, Dr. Fernandez has many techniques at her disposal.  Her favorite, however, is a gentle and precise technique called Torque Release Technique or TRT.   Using TRT allows Dr. Fernandez to minimize or eliminate the amount of “crack” that people experience during an adjustment.  It’s the thought of someone “cracking their neck” that keeps many people away from the chiropractor.  Now, there is an effective way to get results and still “say NO to crack”!