Clash of Clans Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. it is also recommended to upgrade dark elixir storage and drill as you will need a huge amount of dark elixir for hero upgrades. Best th10 war attack strategy 2019 favorite song Rowdy Baby from Maari2 edited by KineMaster appThumbnail created by PicsArt app____________________________________________© CoC mania 2018____________________________________________Key wordsTop class attacks on max th9Top 5 best attacks on max th9Top 5 three star attacks max th9Max th9 three star attacksMax th9 attacking strategyBest attack strategy on max th9Max th9 three star attackTh9 war attack strategybest war attack th9War attack strategy guide 2. I think the lava and ballon attack is good. But, most of the top players agree to the fact that at least 4 Lava hounds and 12-15 balloons are mandatory for an attack on Town Hall 9. I am searching for some exact army setups for Dark-Elixir Farming. It is highly recommended to upgrade your dark spell factory as soon as possible using TH9 upgrade order. However, it is advised to avoid air attacks if your troops are not properly upgraded because the resources at lower levels are usually weak. There is a very well-known quote, “If you can’t 3 it, don’t build it”. Can usually push to center and get 2 stars but rarely the three. Miner attack … Best attack strategy th10 attacking a fully max th9. What would be the best attack strategy (in. Haste spell is extremely important for Loonian or LavaLoon attacks. I use 6 pekkas, 15 wiz and 5 wb. Cannons are also important defensive buildings. Upgrading wizard towers can help you in stopping air attacks. Lava hounds can be used for LavaLoon or GoLaLoon attacks for war and trophy pushing. They can do a significant amount of damage to a bunch of balloons. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A lot of TH9 players use air attacks as they are easy to execute. drop down the rest of the wizards in a line behind everything, drop down your other rage spell when your troops approach the core to destroy defenses quickly, use heal spells as needed, like when a mass group of wizards is taking damage from a wizard tower or mortar, activate the king and queen's abilities when they drop below 50% health. Clan castle upgrade will unlock an extra 5 troop spaces from 25 to 30. I always prioritize archer towers above other defense because they attack both air and ground units and have a significant amount of range. Witch attack strategy guide After wizard towers, now it’s time to start working on wizard towers. The idea behind the new town hall is to get stronger so putting in the new defenses is actually the quickest and best way to add more damage on to your base. Air attacks are used to achieve 2 and 3 stars at th7 or above. This will usually 2 star mid to high TH9s if you do it right. If ot is max, it is pretty hard for a Th10 player whos troop is already maxed of the th. The use of different attack strategy depends on your skill level. Have been trying the golem witch pekka combo with moderate success. Air raids increase the pleasure of the game and attract many players to have fun with this game. These offense upgrades are going to take a lot of elixirs and dark elixirs. Players in this game have to face many obstacles at almost every stage and overcoming these limitations is not possible they master the strategies of the game. Best war base | Showing 5 replays of my war base and full base review at the end of the video. Awesome war attacks must watch. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 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Top class three star attacks on max TH11 | Lavaloon strategy simplified.\u0026feature=share6. Press J to jump to the feed. If you have not upgraded your laboratory yet, make sure you do that. This article will tell you about Clash of Clans strategy that will enable you to take out your enemies quickly. These troops are known for their highest hit points and damage per seconds. Following are some of the top Clash of Clans strategy: Lavaloonion is one of the most powerful th9 attack strategies in Clash of Clans. But there are many bases where only p.e.k.k.a. Gol-Wipe is another top strategy being used by many top Clashers to achieve 2 and 3 stars. New Strategy | Simple and Powerful Th12 attack strategy. Jump spell is very important when you face your fellow maxed out TH9s in clan wars. It doesn’t matter how you upgrade them. The main strength of this strategy is that you get LV3 and LV5 PEKKAs and Wizards. Walls are extremely important to defend against any type of ground attacks. To play the game successfully, the players should know various strategies to use and win the game. Three star attack on TH11 easier than you think by using LavaLoon Going into 30 is incredibly good and powerful. Therefore focusing your dark elixir on your heroes is incredibly important. However, the attacking principle remains the same at all three levels. It would affect the war matchmaking a bit so it is better to delay it for now. Never seen this before in clash of clans | Strange but happened 2019 This one is super good haha. Pro Tip: If your base is regularly raided using these strategies by your opponents then use our base design guidelines to improve your defense and save your precious resources and hard-earned trophies. Full Dragon attack.3. TH9 closing in on Max but not there yet. Three star attack on TH11 easier than you think by using PEKKA You definitely want to unlock the baby dragon and upgrade your barracks. Lavaloonion is one of the most powerful th9 attack strategies in Clash of Clans. So it should be done on day one. Full Dragon attack. Here, it is important to keep in mind that there is little difference in Go-Wipe attacks at th8, th9, and th10 levels. It would be better to upgrade two air defenses at a time but you can upgrade them in the way you like. What would be the best attack strategy (in any fully maxed base th9) heroes are only in mid teens 15/15. Put these new storages as soon as possible and upgrading them will help you a lot in some of the offense upgrades. The laboratory will always be a day one upgrade because all the new troop upgrades and spell upgrades are incredibly important. thanks in advance guys B Most of the top players prefer using both air and ground attacks at the same time because air attacks alone are fun and enjoyment. Balloons prove much helpful in clearing the defenses and these balloons can be healed with the help of 2 healing spells. My recommendation is that you should drop down to the Gold league and do some Barch. i am th9 and usually attack high level th9's in war. There are very important offense buildings that you need to upgrade absolutely first on day one. It takes 6 months to max out TH9 base ignoring the magic items. We will later discuss troops and spell upgrades too. If you are a Town Hall 12 player you can use these base layouts to defend your base. Clash of Clan It’s the most exciting and fun playing game. It depends on the Th10 base. This upgrade will benefit you so much on your TH9 base. At TH9 you get to level 7 wizard towers. Electro Dragon three star war attack on TH11 Basically KS (Killsquad) or QW/QC hog armies, Lalo armies and Witch armies like BoWitch and Witchslap. Healer and balloons with archer support is one of the top attack strategies for Clash of Clans that depends mainly on balloons and archers. Miner attack + Queen Walk2. The General Idea: This strategy reminds me of the TH10-11 BoWitch strategy since it uses Witches and Bowlers in a similar fashion. Here, the use 3 lava hounds distract defenses meanwhile minion and loons clear up the base. It is recommended to use both of these. ie 4 lava hound 20 baloons rest minion and what spells. The availability of too many archers enables the players to check and defeat the troops. If you are war-oriented or you don’t want to rush or you want to make sure that you can handle bases of your strength, it’s recommended that you upgrade your x-bows in the following pattern: This will help you in controlling your war weight and make sure that you are able to three-star the bases of your weight.


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