For a long time, the interior design colour of the moment has been grey. Stylish light fittings will look great whether they’re switched on or off. Balham offers a true handle-free concept with plenty of decorative trims that can be customised to personal taste. It’s a trend that extends beyond the kitchen, too – rattan furniture, jute rugs and other eco-materials are making a comeback all over homes. dataLayer=[{page_event_info:{'event_type':'page_load','event_subtype':'t1302 editorial advice guidance'},page_info:{'language':'en-GB','pageTitle':'top 12 kitchen trends for 2020','locale':'global','section_l1':'help-and-advice','section_l2':'inspiration','section_l3':'kitchen-trends','section_l4':'top-12-kitchen-trends-for-2020'},user_info:{'user_type':'inspire'}}]; '&l=' + l : ''; j.async = true; j.src = From encaustic designs to marble-effects and bright metallic too, these embellished borders offer a time-saving alternative to tiling, and can draw the eye through a room – great for compact spaces. Key Kitchen Trends to Look out for in 2020. Echo the trend for eco-friendly features and bring the outside world in by introducing plenty of green accents to your space. Top 12 kitchen trends for 2020. } Discover the latest kitchen trends for 2020 with Howdens to give your home a chic new look. For a budget-friendly alternative, our new handle-free cupboards can be used to convert a number slab and shaker styles into a handleless design. document.readyState !== "complete") { Read more: Five tips for choosing the right light bulb. If you don’t want too much noise on the walls, bringing in a little subtle colour and interest with a patterned floor can be a good alternative. The best kitchen design ideas for your home in 2020. Free design service at every depot. event : "perfTime", Or, if you have one already, spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint for an instant kitchen makeover in 2020. The search for respite from our busy schedules has resulted in interiors becoming more pared-back and minimal. Marble worktops are set to gain momentum this year, too. Copper and brass finishes on lighting, hardware and accessories continue to furnish kitchens across the country, and show no signs of slowing down in 2020. Categories: Home & garden, Home improvements. Choosing darker base cabinets and lighter wall cabinets that match the colour of the wall behind them will make the room feel bigger. $targetParent.find('.phone-radio').prop('checked', true).trigger('click'); Two of our most popular blue paint colours are Lithadora and Periwinkle. Kitchens tend to be clutter hotspots full of cooking essentials, appliances, ingredients, cleaning products and much more. Read on to discover the top 12 kitchen trends for 2020 to help you create a new look or update an existing one in your home. } If you’ve got the space, combine open shelving with cupboards and drawers so that you can decide what to show off and what to keep tucked away. It’s a good trick in smaller rooms, where the extra light and space can make your kitchen feel a lot bigger. Ultra-thin counters are a great substitute to chunky designs with compact laminate offering the thinnest options in our range. Wood features continue to make us feel cosy and comfortable in the home. This means we are embracing thinner profiles to declutter our spaces. } window.dataLayer.push = function() { For this, add some low-level hanging lights over a kitchen island or bar, or wall lights positioned above worktops. A few of our favourites are the new Titus bar stools from Vincent Sheppard, the Cox & Cox rattan counter stools or the Blonde rattan bar stools from Rockett st George. This can be achieved by switching handles with a more tactile counterpart, like our knurled-effect designs. var e = [], 0); If you can sacrifice a little storage space, many kitchen owners are moving away from wall cabinets and keeping all cupboards down at floor level. Combine rich, dark blue cabinetry with pale or marble worktops, neutral walls and natural floors to maintain a balance between light and dark. With many brands now picking up on the rattan furniture trend and with interiors taking on a more sustainable zen approach, there’s no surprise that homeowners are embracing natural materials. How to spot a good Black Friday deal on home improvements. a = e[0].event; { Five tips for choosing the right light bulb, How much a new kitchen should cost in 2020, The best brands for high quality kitchen installation. Sustainable materials, blue hues and open display storage are all set to be popular this year. Our blue Hartford kitchen design is a wonderful example of how to house two islands, which is a trend we’ll be seeing more of over the next year. #main>section.component.inview.cdc-container>.tabbed-panel .tabbed-panel__tabs .tabs__tab:last-child { A sleek concealed storage system can be a saviour in this type of space. The demand for cheese plants (monstera) and the fiddle-leaf fig has boomed over the past year. Simply decorate a wall forest green, or accessorise a room with your favourite plants. #main>section.component.inview.cdc-container>.tabbed-panel .tabbed-panel__tabs .tabs__tab:first-child a { Reclaimed and recycled elements are a growing feature for interiors, and aged metals will come to the fore during 2020. Kitchen trends for 2020: Pops of colour and textural surfaces. '' + i + dl + '>m_auth=Q8lkwku7ZkkDrCYSgeQulQ>m_preview=env-17>m_cookies_win=x'; f.parentNode.insertBefore(j, f); Technology, the economy, and the environment are all influencing contemporary interior design. Kitchen Trends. So, it comes as no surprise that adding touches of timber remains an inspiration for interiors in 2020. window.dataLayer.push( Have fun by filling shelves with beloved art and vases or frequently used essential items that can be accessed effortlessly. If you don’t want to commit to a fully cabinet-free wall, consider leaving a little space for open shelving. }. Come and discuss your plans over coffee and experience the quality of a Tom Howley kitchen for yourself. Request our free brochure to explore all of our stylish designs or for more kitchen trends head over to our Pinterest profile. If you’re after a sleek, contemporary look, choose a high-gloss design with hidden handles and integrated appliances. Back to Black. if (typeof $('.request-brochure') != 'undefined' && $('.request-brochure').length > 0) { 2018 and 2019 saw many kitchen designs championing the deep navy colour trend, but 2020 will see black becoming the new neutral in a big way. In December Pantone chose ‘Classic Blue’ as the 2020 Colour of the Year. Choose from large real varieties to smaller faux trees. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. $targetParent.find('.email-radio').prop('checked', false); var oldPush = window.dataLayer.push; It’s based on the reviews of thousands of kitchen buyers and our lab test assessments of kitchen units from some of the big name brands, including John Lewis, Ikea and Wickes. White and neutral marbles are already a popular choice, but look out for marble and marble-effect surfaces in dark colours in 2020. var t = (new Date).getTime(), If you’re lucky enough to have the space, choose a kitchen island in a cheerful hue for an eye-catching focal point. Often overlooked as an outdoor plant, the olive tree is now set to grace our homes more in 2020. The minimal or ‘no handle’ look is one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2020, with the ‘less is more’ approach being favoured by many to allow the true beauty of high quality cabinetry to speak for itself. For a quick and easy update, find clip-on lights that can attach to shelving or simply add a table lamp to a worktop – it’s something we’re going to see more of next year. Wherever it is in your kitchen, leaving some space free for artwork, plants and decorative objects helps the room look less functional and more lived-in, and can dramatically improve how it looks. Smart storage is always high up on home wishlists and with the desire for more streamlined living, design features such as the kitchen pantry are becoming even more popular. Plus, if you’re not quite ready to replace your whole kitchen, updating the floor with some jazzy tiles can dramatically change how it looks without breaking the bank. )} display: none; What better way to ring in the new decade than with a fresh new kitchen?


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