Yarn is packaged in 25 gram balls with approx 115 yards (105 metres) of yarn in each. Some of our customers split the cost among a group of knitters and then get together and divide it up among themselves! Please keep quantities in mind when you purchase this yarn! Great service from CeCe's Wool......fast delivery! The Jamieson's palette is the richest colour collection of wool yarn available today. However, computer & mobile devices may not reliably display the actual color of a product. We love this breed specific yarn made only from Shetland wool from the sheep on Shetland Island. Four generations have worked with wool in the business which is now Jamieson's Spinning in Sandness, a small and very remote community on the far Westside of Shetland. Rowan Yarns Flagship store. Like Jamieson's, Jamieson & Smith also produces Shetland wool yarn for hand knitting as well as finished sweaters. Their 2ply Jumper weight yarns are 100% Shetland wool, and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. The company also operates a retail store selling yarn and knitwear in Lerwick, the capital and largest city in the Islands. For those knitters who wish to be able to swatch with colour combinations, we have put together Yarn Designer Kits that include a complete set of full balls of Spindrift or DK yarn, one for each of the current colours. With 225 colours of Spindrift, 174 colours of DK (Double Knitting) and 46 colours of Shetland Heather (Aran) currently available, being able to combine, compare and sample using any combination of shades makes the process more rewarding for the knitwear designer. Please check regularly. Jamieson & Smith 2-Ply Jumper Weight Shetland Wool. Brilliant colors and a stiff hand that softens with washing make it an ideal yarn for colorwork projects. Fair Isle Knitting, Real Shetland Wool,Knitting Patterns,Jamieson & Smith,Yarn Located in Lerwick, the capital town of Shetland, Jamieson & Smith, are long established as the islands primary purchaser of the Shetland Wool clip. With over 100 colors to choose from and some real bold tones, we're big fans of knitting a traditional Fair Isle that's paintbox bright. Highly recommended. Celebrate the joy of creating! This classic 2-ply yarn, made from 100% Shetland wool and produced in Scotland by Jamieson & Smith, is perfect for colorwork. See all 38 shades on our Ultra Lace Colour Chart. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of (or can't afford) Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumper Weight, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. With their unique ability to manage the complete journey from fleece to knitting yarn in one location, Peter Jamieson and his family are able to produce yarn with a range of colours and level of quality unmatched in the market today! We annually purchase the raw fleece from over 700 local crofters and farmers. As the only retailer of Jamieson & Smith in the entire state, as well as the surrounding areas, we are proud to make this amazing yarn available to our online customers as well as in store. They are used in traditional Shetland Fair Isle designs, and are well-suited to all sorts of stranded colorwork, thanks to the wide pallette of beautiful heathered and solid tones. This is a Lace weight yarn blended from 50% Shetland Wool and 50% Geelong Lambswool that comes in 23 beautiful shades. If you travel as far west as you can on the Shetland mainland, you will eventually come to the small town of Sandness where Jamieson's of Shetland operates the only commercial Spinning Mill in the Shetland Islands. Do you have any questions about this yarn? Weights and Measures: Approximate yardage:125 yards/115m, Metric Count: 2/8.4nm. Thanks for contacting us! It's perfect for colorwork. Product Description: 2-Ply Jumper Weight yarns from Jamieson & Smith are 100% Shetland wool, and are traditionally used in the knitting of Fair Isle garments. Your cart is currently empty. MY ACCOUNT. Jamieson & Smith 2-ply Jumper weight yarns are 100% Shetland wool. As you give thanks this week, take the time to look up land acknowledgment statements in your community. There are currently 225 colours in the Spindrift kit (pictured right) and 174 in the DK kit. It knits to a 4ply/fingering weight gauge. For more information and for a colour substitution chart Click Here.


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