Almost all uni you eat in Los Angeles will be shipped from Santa Barbara, according to the many sushi chefs I’ve asked. Raised in a restaurant/catering family in Bali, Indonesia, Jeffry Undiarto followed his sister to Los Angeles at 19. Currently, she’s putting the finishing touches on Dama, a Latin-inspired restaurant in downtown Los Angeles’s Fashion District. Immediately drawn to Japanese restaurants, he learned about wine and saké on the job. But I haven’t eaten live Santa Barbara. These are typically the small-clustered ones. I could see the spines slowly moving, knowing very well what was about to happen. Photos courtesy of Blake Bronstad, Fran Collin, Jakob Layman, Jackson Meyers, Brenda Ton, Tuan Tran, Jason Wise, Jon Woodcock, Santa Barbara Sea Urchins, Prized By High-End Restaurants, Are Being Sold To Home Cooks - LAist, The dangers and delicacy of Santa Barbara sea urchins - KCRW, Uni's Big Screen Debut - Santa Barbara Independent, In Search of Local Sea Urchin - Edible Santa Barbara, Fishing for an Aphrodisiac - Wine Enthusiast, Diving Out of the Ivory Tower, Fisherman Organizes on the Docks - Ecotrust, Channel Surfing: Diving for Sea Urchins Off the California Coast - Spenser Magazine, Diving for California Gold - Edible Santa Barbara, Meet Harry Urchin the Uni Diver - Eat Drink & Be Merry. Inventory isn’t always consistent, depending upon the circumstances. “Some of these guys buck technology as a principle.”Then there’s the set itself. While part of a growing legion of female sommeliers at prominent Los Angeles restaurants, Grant still gets quizzed by the occasional table surprised that a woman shows up to explain the list. “In, Solvang, chef Pink at Bacon & Brine does a sea urchin ice cream with caramel,” says Mutz, her bright eyes widening at the thought. Pau Gasol Spotted at n/naka, Pasadena's Minimum Wage Moment, and More Plus new bartenders at The Corner Door, the city's best sommeliers, … It’s a mile above grapes. These people are working. But then, the food gods showed us the way. “The minute you say ‘action,’ and they understand film is moving through that camera and can run out, everyone is on point every time.” That deliberate nature also saved money, particularly in the editing bay, where there weren’t endless streams of video to wade through. With a plastic spoon, Harry began to do the “dirty work” by pouring out the contents of the cavity and pulling out the intestines and tubes. So skip the Michelin-starred prices at n/naka and venture over to Iki Ramen for their new tasting menu, which includes an eight-course meal at $70 per person, with an optional $15 sake pairing. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you? Though his stepmother managed a prominent restaurant group in his native Philadelphia, Veit didn’t learn about fine wines, spirits and cigars until he worked at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Denver during college. At n/naka, sommelier Jeffry Undiarto suggests pairing uni with Blanc de Blancs Champagne, Chablis or with a rich Junmai Daiginjo saké. Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. “They are terrible places to work, especially with a camera. Gripping the cracker with his left, he pounded the handle with one blunt hit with his right palm. We’ll restart strong. It was a eurekamoment. But he couldn’t figure out how to make one himself. Depending on the season, they’ll sometimes head north for 2-3 hours by boat towards some islands off of Santa Cruz and Santa Maria and dive for urchin there. He moved there in 2006, but his music plans fell through. “I didn’t know if I wanted to, but I knew I had to open a restaurant,” Kaner says. “It’s so good!”. "Life turned upside down," she said.She spent weeks driving from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to Orange County, trying to offload her catch.She specializes in selling live urchins, which have a shelf life of a few days once they're pulled from the water. “It’s been really unfair that food from a story standpoint has to be about one of those two things. Join Facebook to connect with Jeffry Undiarto and others you may know. They partner with the Santa Barbara Fish Market, which is 200 yards from the pier and will fillet their fish for free. What are the benefits of working with someone in Maine or Alaska, through the Community Fisheries Network? “People go crazy for sea urchin,” Mutz says. The film had no funding for four years, and everyone told Wise that it would be better as a reality series. There’s a communal nature to the industry—consumers like knowing where their food is coming from and fishermen like seeing where their food goes. What took so long is a complicated story of logistics. Following the apprenticeship, he worked at the Drago Restaurant Group, Sushi House Unico in Bel Air and Yojisan in Beverly Hills. Nothing starts my day like a fresh bowl of whore’s eggs. “I went in with no preconceived notions, no preset pressure to be one way or another,” he says. Mazemen is a soup-less variety of ramen. I couldn’t think of anything else but one thing that people either love or hate (mostly hate): sea urchin. “We use uni for both sushi and sashimi, but also as uni tempura, or steamed to create a custard,” she says. “Broadcast spawning,” says Mutz, shaking her head glumly. “Stephanie brings the freshest sea urchin,” says Belmond El Encanto chef Leo Andres Ayala, who has created a sea urchin dish with aji amarillo puree (Peruvian yellow peppers), citrus salad, and toasted brioche points. This is not located at Stearns Wharf but by all the boats. We source it from a local uni diver, Stephanie Mutz, who understands so deeply what a precious treasure it is.”. Photo by Ben Scorah He identified this same belief in Chef Niki. “There’s a social responsibility to bring up the people around you.”. Ramen and izakaya is almost like a freestyle food. “Then there are days of terrifying wind and currents, and I am hanging on to the bottom of the ocean for dear life, trying to keep from getting slammed into rocks with my bag of spiky urchin following. Once those are gone, there’s only one thing left to do: eat the uni. For the next five hours, she will drift along the coves and inlets of Santa Rosa Island, deftly gathering sea urchins from their rocky lairs.


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