It’s just along the highway. It is slowly turning into a haven for different wildlife species. that depends po sir sa pupuntahan niyo…pg mga mga tourist spots within city proper, madali lng puntahan…pg mga outskirt destinations naman, usually, malimit ang transpo, Your email address will not be published. The church was built as a symbol of peace between two old villages, San Vicente de Balanac – a coastal village and San Guillermo de Dalangdang – an inland mountain village. Delight in the delectable Filipino cuisine and refreshing tropical drinks. The trail that leads you there is very clearly marked. My friend also tried the Masala Chai Latte (P140) and Cappuccino (P120). Aside from swimming at the beach, there are also plenty of other things to do in San Juan, La Union. You have definitely left the city and beach behind. Salamat po. La Union’s top destinations and activities, – The name of the church came from the original name Luna, La Union. Let’s dive in! Admission Fee: PhP 20.00 per person. Or, look into some fun day trips from La Union that you can enjoy in a group setting. Luna is a huge part of the La Union region, known for its pebble stone beach, culture and aesthetics, you won’t want to miss out taking some time here. From Laoag International Airport, take a bus heading to Metro Manila (signages would say Cubao), then ask the operator to drop you off in La Union. During weekends and holidays, these usually become crowded. Bessang Pass Natural Park is a national park and memorial that commemorates a victory by Flipino soldiers serving the U.S. Army on June 14, 1945. It’s a lovely site for adventurists and nature lovers. Nicknamed the surfing capital of the Philippines, it’s known for its fabulous beaches and tropical allure. Here, you’ll see various plant species that grow in tropical, subtropical, and desert climates. Twice as wide as they are tall the Tangadan Falls makes for an open expanse of water activities! It’s located in Urbiztondo, in front of 7-11. As typical with Taoist temples, the colors and details of the design include mythical dragons and fishes. Royal Decree issued by Queen Isabela II of Spain, “because the shape of its main lagoon is like the shape of a female genital[ia].”, Our Manifesto: Harv is not your usual travel website, NSFW: We never thought we’d publish this article. That's my indigenous name. If you’re looking for non-touristy beaches in La Union, this is another great option. Cruising the streets is a fun activity in itself, as La Union’s towns are all full of grand places and wonderful architecture. The wooden image of the Virgin Mary inside the church was brought over, with hardship from Spain. And as of writing, I just found out that Papa Bear is just above El Union! Also referred to as ‘Elyu’ or simply ‘LU,’ La Union is located 273 kilometers north of Metro Manila and is part of the Ilocos Region. Who can be held accountable for this? Lastly, if you’re new to surfing and want to rent out a board, it’s best to play it safe. In three, or even two years’ time, if this agitating trend continues, do not expect to still see its natural beauty and wonders. A post shared by Nica Alyssa David (@queennicaaa) on Jun 5, 2015 at 1:34am PDT. Book your transport on Bookaway now and guarantee your seat easily. The 3-D gallery and souvenir shop show off all the incredible locally made artworks and sculptures. San Juan is by far the most famous city in La Union. You’ll find all sorts of innovative and creative works of art. It is a forest farm composed of thousands of flora and fauna species, all integrated naturally in a self-sustaining ecosystem. Like other countries in Southeast Asia, there are really only two seasons. Surfing is a popular water sport during certain times of the year. Heated volcanic pools, lush vegetation, exotic flora, this enchanting day tour will take you to one of the Philippines’ most hidden valleys. Over the years a few miracles have been attributed to this 6 feet tall image of the Virgin Mary, which has now been canonized by the church. Immuki Island is one of the fastest-growing tourist spots in La Union, a perfect respite from the daily bustles. If you just want to rent a board, an hour costs P200; a half-day rental is P500 and P800 for a whole day. Better check it out. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The Baluarte which is made of coral stones cemented by egg whites, finally gave in to the forces of nature and was destroyed by a typhoon in 2015. It’s a great place to explore the local culture of La Union. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. The pool is deep at the bottom of the falls making it perfect for cliff jumping. Note: In Buddhist temples, instead of the tiger and dragon symbols/statues, you’ll be welcomed by Buddhist guard sculptures. After having a walk around the structure, you’ll be in a prime location to relax on the beach and watch a fabulous sunset. It has beautiful, natural attractions, historical sites, rich culture, and delicious food. These include a shade garden, sunken garden, evergreen garden, arid garden, fragrance garden, and a fernery and palmary. As part of our company outing, we were able to visit different tourist spots and attractions within San … 1. 11. The roads can be slippery, especially during the rainy season. All rights reserved. If you’re with a guide, they’ll be able to point out the best areas. If you’re not careful, things may go wrong. Every Good Friday, a procession commences from St. William’s Cathedral towards the statue. The falls drop into a pool of clear water, with a beautiful blue and green hue. Address: Barangay Nalvo Norte, Bacnotan, Luna, La Union Once you reach the entrance, you’ll need to hike for about 30-40 minutes to reach the falls. Tangadan Falls  | Immuki Island | Darigayos Beach | Kamay Na Bato Open Art Gallery | St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish | Baluarte Watch Tower. Papa Bear – We planned on eating here but we can’t find it. Relax and enjoy this jungle oasis as you simply soak in the natural beauty surrounding you. Leave them where they are. Grape growing has been around for decades in this area of La Union, there are a handful of vineyards that you to go to and explore. If you are a surfer or new to surfing this area is a great place to catch some waves. Enjoy gazing at the endless ocean and its captivating waves. Grape season is from about March to May. The beach is characterized by white sand and clear, warm waters. Luna, La Union is well-known for its pebble beaches and one of its popular tourist spots is the Bahay na Bato in Brgy. That wraps up our La Union travel guide! The crops grown here are all organic!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'danielsecotravels_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',180,'0','0'])); If you plan to have an overnight stay, there are cottages which you can rent for Php 5000 to Php 6000.


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