Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. Probably the best Kofta I’ve ever had, and will absolutely be addd to our regular rotation. Served with small pita which we cut in haf to make little pocket sandwiches, was excellent!! Hi There…this looks amazing. Mix all dry ingredients together and toast in a dry pan. My husband would love this! Regardless of the changes, my family loved the authenticity of the taste (including my picky eater). Place the nuts in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade. Toast for about 2 to 3 minutes, until … This recipe looks wonderful, but could I substitute lamb with something else? We have a nut allergy in our family. They arrived 8 minutes later absolutely perfectly cooked. Get new recipes each week + free 5 email series. Lamb Kofta & Spiced Lentil Rice. I would like to make this for our BBQ at the park, however, the grill at the park doesn’t have a cover. We loved the texture with the chopped nuts, and the flavors were just delicious. Turkey might work — just don’t purchase the extra lean as the kofta will turn out dry. Eat these Middle Eastern meatballs with hummus, pita, rice and your favorite salad. I halved the recipe but forgot to half the nuts yet it turned out great and had the benefit of sneaking in nutrition that my 7 year old otherwise refuses to eat. I could safely use the pine nuts but what can I substitute for the almonds and walnuts? Authentic Turkish Kofta Kebab has everything to bring the Middle Eastern cuisine into your kitchen. It is a grilled meat dish served on skewers. Made this for dinner last night. Please join me and our growing community! Greek-Style Baked Cod Recipe with Lemon and Garlic, Easy Authentic Falafel Recipe: Step-by-Step, Simple Baked Cilantro Lime Chicken with a Mediterranean Twist, Easy Hummus Recipe (Authentic and Homemade), Italian Skillet Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms, Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Sabra hummus spread (or Garlic Herb Sabra Hummus Spread). Obviously hummus is my choice of sandwich spread here. My grocery store was out of ground lamb, so I used ground chicken breast. I made fresh pita bread and reheated on the grill, served with homemade hummus and tzatziki and crudités. By the way, the new Sabra spreads are vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-dairy. Loved these! Husband raved about it. Cook until softened, about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Can I trade it out for parsley? So delicious. The baked kofta here takes inspiration from Adana, a large city in southern Turkey. So much so that I don’t want to repeat but continue trying more. This is by far the best recipe I have tried. Hi Julia, If you use the pin button on your browser’s toolbar (rather than the pin button on the site), you should have a selection of many small images to pin rather than the long graphic image. Learn more here. Although I do my best to provide accurate nutritional information, these figures should be considered estimates only. Do not crowd the kofta patties, use two baking sheets if necessary. Very tasty! And lastly, make sure that you are sealing the opening and closing of the kofta kebabs properly so they don’t slip. What a great, authentic recipe. This type of meal truly never gets old to me! Next time with pine nuts and home made tzatziki sauce. Juicy and tender. Transfer to the food processor, along with the salt, cumin, paprika and coriander. Bake in the 425 degrees F heated oven for 20-25 minutes or until the kofta patties are well-browned and the center is fully done. AMAZING! I also added a little sumac in ground meat mixture. About how big should each meatball be? I'd love to know how it turned out! I used vegan beef (Beyond Meat brand) instead of lamb, baked them instead of grilling, and served with a simple coriander chutney (cilantro, lime, olive oil, salt). It’s a wonderful, full flavor experience with nuts, veggies, and spices. Cheers! This Lamb Kofta is full of warm spices, sautéed onions and garlic, Italian parsley and baked in the oven. These are the most delicious home made koftas I’ve ever tasted. However, the boyfriend can’t eat cilantro (tastes like soap enzyme). Delicious! I also made the hummus (amazing!) In this easy baked kofta pita sandwich we have, flavor-packed ground lamb (or beef, if you prefer) patties, loaded on top of Greek pita with hummus spread, fresh veggies, and olives. I didn’t have coriander so just used a little more cumin. You can broil them in the oven — cook time will be about the same. These bite sized balls of flavor are INSANELY delicious. I’m very lucky to have a source of lamb from a great little family farm north of Detroit. It’s wonderful on everything — I even sprinkle it on buttered popcorn! I followed recipe to a T and made the sides. Set a fine sieve over a bowl. Even my 8 yr old liked it. Wow, Jenn. Today, influenced by my mother's tasty kitchen, and my extensive travels, I share easy wholesome recipes with big Mediterranean flavors. Made this last night, first kofta attempted they are absolutely amazing. Here are a few favorites: Tag @acozykitchen on Instagram & hashtag it #acozykitchen, (This post is sponsored by Beef + Lamb New Zealand. But in Turkey the combination of beef and lamb is the most popular one. I have been looking for a kofta recipe and this is it! Set aside for now. Even the non-lamb eaters loved these! Prep Time 10 mins. When it came to proper serving, I took the easy way out by having everyone fix their very own pita sandwich. Absolutely delicious and enjoyed every bite! I will make them again, but will probably double the spices. The skewers usually contain lamb and beef kofta that are balls of meat spiced with special seasonings that give it a distinct flavour. Transfer the minced vegetables to the sieve and use a rubber spatula to press out as much liquid as possible. Learn how your comment data is processed. It was great to enjoy the flavourfulness of the koftas – no carriers needed. Turkish kofta kebab made with ground lamb and beef, onion, garlic and spices. • Hi Jenn, I cannot say enough complimentary things about your recipes, many of which have become beloved staples in our household. You could give that a try. I actually shallow fried them and then baked them in a hot oven for 7 mins . Pulse until finely chopped … Wonderful summer dinner! And since my husband began following a ketogenic diet a couple years ago, we eat a lot of meatballs, so I appreciate the diverse taste this recipe offers. (And thanks for your nice words about the recipes — so glad you like them!!). This is my lil’ corner on da internets called A Cozy Kitchen. I reached for two options from Sabra's new line of spreads: Sabra sea salt & cracked pepper hummus spread, and the garlic herb hummus spread. I’m also trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle and started to mine for healthy recipes like yours. Kofta is a Middle Eastern dish made from ground lamb or beef mixed with onions, garlic, and spices. I am not a certified nutritionist and the nutritional data on this site has not been evaluated or approved by a nutritionist or the Food and Drug Administration. The garlic should be finely grated. I have tried many of your recipes over the last 6 months, this kofta included just this past weekend. It was delicious! Hi Amy, You can just leave the nuts out. Thank you for your quick reply. Hi Ambra, That’s not an actual recipe of mine — it’s just a combo of tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion mixed with olive oil, lemon, cilantro, salt, pepper, and za’atar. While the kofta is baking, mix together a small equal amount of the spices (sumac, red pepper flakes, and smoked paprika).


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