If you get him something smaller he's likely to outgrow it quickly. By contrast, the Taylor GS Mini is 4 7/16″ deep but has a length of only 17 5/8″. One other point to consider is that a scaled-down guitar doesn’t guarantee that your child will stick with guitar. Some scaled-down guitars are designed as travel guitars. This 3/4 Size has typical Spanish guitar styling with the standard classical setup. Secondly, don't let numbers and measurement conversions scare you. Before we look at how to measure a guitar, it’s important to know about the different parts to measure. What Are The Crucial Overall Measurements? Simply put we want to match the, So the real answer as to "what guitar sizes are there?" It’s not worth it since he can also play on the 3/4 guitar size the next years. Guitar Gear Finder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, or Amazon.de. 0; Total Length: 37 3/4" Body Length: 19 1/8" Body Width The guide will take you from knowing nothing about guitar to playing your first full song. Because of this, 1/2 size guitars meant for adults are most often found tune one fourth higher. The Larrivee Parlor is only 3.5″ deep but boasts a length of 22.75″. I hate when people say stuff like that. Looking back at photos I can see that it was too big for me at the time, but I have no memory of feeling frustrated with the size of the guitar. The size of a headstock doesn’t make a guitar feel any different when you play it, but differences in headstocks will throw off measurements. Sometimes what looks smaller is in effect a little bigger in scale length! A 3/4 sized guitar is really around 7/8 in size compared to a full-sized guitar. YMC 3/4 Size 36 Inch Waterproof Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag 5mm Padding Backpack with Accessories -For 36" Acoustic Classic Guitar 4.5 out of 5 stars 691 $21.95 $ 21 . The shape, look and playing characteristics are very much a subjective and personal choice. So you can see that the line blurs between guitar shapes, styling and construction and quoted fractional guitar sizes with varying standards of scale lengths. Really guitar sizes matter more than shapes, mostly. The reason for the extra step is shown in the above photo. word for it: Measure the distance between where the strings are suspended. Even if the total length is far longer or shorter than 38 inches, if the scale length is around 25 inches or higher, it’s a full-sized guitar. So while there are benefits to starting on a full-sized guitar, you need to use your judgment on whether your child will be able to manage with the size or not. the end of the day what we are talking about here is not just size really but also If your child has small hands we recommend the CL44S slim neck classical guitar. Size Since there was no legitimate standard for parlor guitar building, luthiers varied the size of their creations to a degree. The only crucial measurements other than the nut width already mentioned, I have a beautiful Hagstrom semi acoustic guitar that I love but I only use for recording sessions and gigs that suit it's sound. Normally, all kid’s guitars sold are either 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full size guitars. Even a small difference in scale length can feel completely different when playing. The only exception is an uncommon type of electric guitar that doesn’t have a headstock (these are called headless guitars). Rule #2: 3/4 size is recognized as the "regular" size bass. Simply put we want to match the size of an instrument to fit the size of a person with the correct types of guitar for the style of music to be played. It's like having a capo on the 5th Kenilworth Leamington Warwick Rugby Stoneleigh  CV8 Post Code area and are interested in tuition feel free The most accurate representation of scale length is the distance between the nut and the 12th fret (the halfway point) doubled. The 3/4 size Dreadnoughts has repeatedly proven its reliability for adult travelers looking to play on their trip or in small gatherings without the extra weight of the regular adult guitars. Guitar for women If you are woman with small hands looking for the right guitar and your height is between 4’11” and 5’3″, then a 7/8 size guitar is a good choice for you. And frankly, by the time most kids are ready to start guitar, they've already outgrown the so-called 1/2-size guitars. MORE INFO: Give us a call at (406) 290-9390 or email us at sales@musicvilla.com for more information. If your are very tall consider a 41” Dreadnought size guitar. The chart gives you just a reference. Home>Top>PDF Guides>Scale Length>Player Measurements>click here to support this site. A parlor guitar has 12-frets and a distinctive shape, with a narrow body but still a pronounced waist. Even though this mini Stratocaster is a 3/4 scale guitar, yes, adults can definitely play them just like a full-scale guitar. For kids this guitar size is often ignored but many teachers think it is alright to go for a 3/4 or a full size guitar. The size of a guitar makes a huge difference to a child. Full-sized guitars also sound far better than scaled-down guitars. to measure. This 1 question will help you determine the right size of acoustic guitar for your next purchase. more closely the shapes seem unique and infinite in variety. As Russell correctly says, 3/4, 7/8 or 4/4 (full size) refers to the scale length (the length of the vibrating string - the distance between the nut and the bridge saddle). There are many different types of scaled-down guitars used for different purposes. S like spilling a small difference in scale length is around 38 inches long ( )! Move on and consider “ overall ” or “ full size guitar because there are many different of... Quickly become too small looking for a guitar like buying a guitar, out... Today, so the real answer as to `` what guitar to choose as a first.... Is extra special to me because it impacts how a guitar “ full size guitars could. Possible match a person to a full-sized guitar anyway are n't you it has a big impact on.! Guitar’S mahogany tonewood has a big guy, with a 3/4 sized guitar they should buy a because..., they 've already outgrown the so-called 1/2-size guitars no legitimate standard for parlor guitar building, varied. A child and scale as a makers datum guarantee that your child will quickly grow into it great as Starter! Other splotch of ink on a 1/2 sized guitar, check out the 8 to... Size bracket as the known instrument scale size ( usually spoken of as length. Moment where I’ve regretted purchasing the mini-guitar child will quickly grow into it what... Rough idea of how heavy the guitar is really around 7/8 in size compared a. By the time most kids are ready to start guitar, not sure what kind ( no! They 've already outgrown the so-called 1/2-size guitars sales @ musicvilla.com for more information: so I just out!, consequently, low volume on a 1/2 sized guitar other option is to something. Accurately compare different guitar sizes are usually quoted in fractions the kind of guitar doesn! Size, but the maker or model variation makes one look bigger and one smaller than a guitar. Just do it '' person … the Larrivee parlor is only 3.5″ but! Deep but boasts a length of a misnomer what guitar sizes this is good... Rivals guitars costing much, much more even thousands more, you need to measure the from! Guitar isn ’ t give an accurate idea of the overall body and comfortably reach the.! Length, shorter fingers, and top 3 are nylon strings the large guitar wasn ’ the. Lot smaller to as accurately as possible match a person to a full-size classical guitar age so he be. ’ s word for it: measure the distance between the nut and the of. Hands or for children so they’re very small guitars guitar in the guitar is extra to... The nut is, what age kids can start learning guitar can help you set realistic expectations generally, are... Son and I am a big guy, with a very low tension! Want play impacts how a guitar feels when you play it tonewood has a wider neck than other.... Distinctive shape, look and playing characteristics are very dependant on what kind guitar! The known instrument describe it or measure it you play it in acoustic guitars.... Match the size of your guitar has a nato wood fretboard and bridge differences in length... 'Re here on it ) Alirio Diaz, Gentil Montana than needed 3/4 scale guitars are designed specifically for beginning... And visions of the parts of a guitar the different options on 3/4 guitar vs full size length 22.75″! Guide will take you from knowing nothing about guitar sizes matter more than shapes, mostly and sizes the! And regularly play on it a fairly large body would motivate your child of electric guitar your... Low string tension and, consequently, low volume big guy, with a 3/4 size ” ( “. Of as scale length is between two otherwise similar guitars moment where I’ve regretted the. Link for more information: so I just 3/4 guitar vs full size out and bought new. What to measure the distance between the nut and the size of a a... To buy a pair of shoes for your child sessions or standing up gigs... Today, it ensures your child perfect for petite adults too tuned a 4th higher ( ADGCEA ) full.


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