, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. ). SOG Ops M40. $99.19 $166.00. The only differences are that the Elite uses AUS8 blade steel, is made of slightly thicker stock, can come with a plain edge (vs partially serrated) and has some gentle jimping on the spine of the blade. SOG SEAL Pup Elite - TigerStripe E37TS. The Seal Pup Elite is a very handy, rugged, and good knife, but it ain't no Fallkniven. Add to Cart . SOG SOG Fillet Knife (7.5-inch) - … I am currently having the blade reshaped to a modified-spearpoint though. The Seal Pup Elite is serious business and carries on the tradition of supplying the worlds elite military forces. SOG SEAL Team - Kydex Sheath. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by skot14, Mar 22, 2008. Out Of Stock. The partially serrated Seal Pup Elite comes with a nylon sheath and the plain edge version comes with a Kydex sheath. If the price you got on the Seal Pup Elite is similar to the Fallkniven, somebody is charging too much for the SOG or its a heck of a deal on the F1. $84.00 $145.00. I found an Elite for just under $60, and am considering buying it for abusive use over the summer (work camps in rural Alberta) and purchasing an S-1 (or perhaps A-1) once finished working and concerns of losing the knife in camp moves or having it stolen from tent (I do plan on having it on my at most/all times though) are irrelevant and funds are high. I purchased this SEAL Pup in 2011 and the dimensions are the same as the SEAL Pup Elite, which is a slightly more expensive version of the knife. Out Of Stock. The F1 is around $100 to $120. I have the SOG Seal Pup Elite in straight edge and it is a good knife. Sep 1, 2002. I've got both. the SOG is around $65 to $80. $70.00 $125.00. SOG SEAL Pup Elite - Straight Edge Black TiNi-E37S $71.00 $124.25. I didn't really care for the drop-point on it. JohnnyO. I hear ya regarding the price difference, which is why I am considering the Elite as a 'lesser' but more economical substitute to the S-1. While the Seal Pup Elite is a good knife, the scales tip in favor of the S1. Technical Information Home / Fixed Blades SOG SEAL Pup Elite – Nylon Sheath – Satin, Straight Edge $ 108.75 $ 70.69 The GRN handle is ergonomically designed for a secure grip in any condition. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. 1,378. Mar 23, 2008 #19. Out Of Stock.


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